a breath of sorrow for a dying spirit

by Hikan

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released September 20, 2016

recorded from january to august 2016 at home.




Hikan Curitiba, Brazil

lethargy in motion

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Track Name: cell/gun
forever escaping
Track Name: dull blade
inside the house of a thousand tortures i seek shelter from the sharpest voices who slice my throat every single day. and even beaten and numb this mind still won't die. to this body it won't bring demise. shout and insist on change and healing still nothing will change even if you stay alive and keep on facing these challenges. “Future! Future!” It’s useless even as it’s convincing. there is no future when present is a constant reenactment of the past. break the cycle, follow the trail of blood into the depths of nothingness. alone, unholy and with all the regrets.
Track Name: 悲しみの夜明け
each time my heart beats it's like I'm being stabbed from the inside. a hole is permanently kept in my chest, my flesh is rotten and dead. when the dawn of sorrow comes breaching all doors, it captures the ghosts of all who've sharpened this knife and for a second it stops, for a second this filthy heart stops.
under the greyest of all skies the reflections of heavens are distorted into shame.
Track Name: gravitate towards the end
i cannot escape, neither die. what am i? an insignificant insect. just existing. motionless.
Track Name: happiness won't prevail
worms crawl under my skin, through the holes of the wounds inflicted by every single breath. im burning and im cold, a pool of blood and sweat became my bed.
Track Name: weak gallows
the disgust of every breath maintains all doors to the self locked. senses aren't to be trusted cause such unbalance won't lead to real feelings. I leave myself alone in the hopes of parting ways with the pain but all paths lead to a much deeper state of isolation. these walls speak in the only language that makes sense and all they said is to hit harder each time. to no success while they get more and more distant. there are no doors, there are no locks and no knots. a mere lack of bravery is what holds us apart.